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The New Samsung Radio Ad

jellyfishThis morning, I actually listened to what’s being said on Dutch radio while driving. No offense to the Dutch, I just can’t concentrate on both things at once without a minimum of 4 cups of coffee. So, there was this Samsung ad, about their new phone. Don’t know the model. Let’s call it, I don’t care.

Anyway, if I understood correctly, the ad went something like this.

Do you look at your phone more often than your loved one? Yes? Like  [some insanely high number] a day?

So here, naïve me thought they’d answer something decent like,

Then put it the F down. And when you pick it up, why not make it the second best thing of your dreams, like the New I Don’t Care Samsung?

But no. Instead it was:

If so, why not have a phone that looks like the phone of your dreams?

What? No thoughts like: Hey maybe you should look at the person you love more often? Or, Hey, maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with this type of behavior?

I get the humour and the tone. It’s funny and cheeky. Some of us will automatically start wondering if we do that.

But, the ad is quite a pointed jab at relationships and how they’re affected by phones. It also points to us. As beings constantly looking for an escape: instead of looking at ourselves and our behaviors, why not just distract ourselves with a new gadget. Or, as beings obsessed with the instantaneousness of information.

Or even, how many times have you said, “Hang on a sec…” to your kid or spouse or anyone for that matter, because the phone was somehow more captivating? Well, I’m not going to sing my number, but often enough.

You get the ad, I’m sure.

But my point is the honesty of the ad, and how I ended up appreciating it. It’s almost as if the other person, the “ignored” because of the phone, is playing the ad loud in the kitchen.

And, it’s just a really good point. It made me laugh. It also shocked me a little and made me reflect a lot. Not bad at all for an ad. Thanks Samsung. I’m still not buying your phone though.


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